Saturday, 10 March 2012

Seeking Hotel Software Resellers

We have recently been in touch by a company wanting to resell our hotel software to their established customer base. This obviously is good practice as it would be far easier for the company already providing a service to their existing customers, to go back and provide another product or service to them.

Every reseller of hotel systems software gets an exclusive working area within the UK. Take a look at the rates that our hotel software is normally sold for:

The normal price of the hotel software is £255 for the first licence / per hotel and additional licences are £110 each.
Annual renewal for a site is currently £180 per year. The annual renewal covers licence renewal and 12 months of additional tech support.

The reseller rates provided by Hotel Systems are as follows:

For the first five sales : £100 per sale / per hotel.
For the next five sales: £125 per sale / per hotel.
For sales after this : £150 per sale / per hotel.

Annual renewal fee £80 per year / per hotel.

We provide good rates for our resellers because we not only believe in our software's capabilities, but also know that the message of Hotel Systems is better served by rewarding people who market our software to their existing customers.

If you would like more information regarding the resellers opportunity then please contact us at: or visit our website