Friday, 26 July 2013

Name Your Price Promotion - For One Month Only!

Yes, that's right you read the title correctly.  If you like our software and want it for less than what we advertise it for, then this month from July to August 2013 you can name the price that you would be willing to pay.  We will seriously consider your offer and let you know what we decide.

This offer is for new customers only and if you are interested in our hotel booking software then please feel free to contact us for assistance or any other questions.  When contacting us, please quote voucher code: PROMO-JUL-AUG.



Hotel Software Description:

Our booking system is an easy-to-use hotel booking system product that automates day-to-day hotel management through both offline (front-end / In-house) and via an online booking system. We offer a high quality product at a fraction of the cost of other booking system suppliers. It's our mission to offer products that not only saves you time, but is also supplied at the right price along with excellent support.


Current Pricing Guide:


Some Screenshots from the booking system:


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Seeking Hotel Software Resellers

We have recently been in touch by a company wanting to resell our hotel software to their established customer base. This obviously is good practice as it would be far easier for the company already providing a service to their existing customers, to go back and provide another product or service to them.

Every reseller of hotel systems software gets an exclusive working area within the UK. Take a look at the rates that our hotel software is normally sold for:

The normal price of the hotel software is £255 for the first licence / per hotel and additional licences are £110 each.
Annual renewal for a site is currently £180 per year. The annual renewal covers licence renewal and 12 months of additional tech support.

The reseller rates provided by Hotel Systems are as follows:

For the first five sales : £100 per sale / per hotel.
For the next five sales: £125 per sale / per hotel.
For sales after this : £150 per sale / per hotel.

Annual renewal fee £80 per year / per hotel.

We provide good rates for our resellers because we not only believe in our software's capabilities, but also know that the message of Hotel Systems is better served by rewarding people who market our software to their existing customers.

If you would like more information regarding the resellers opportunity then please contact us at: or visit our website

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Developing Booking Software For 7 Years

We have been actively designing, building and developing hotel software since our first release back in 2005. Over the last 7 years we have incorporated lots of additional functionality that customers have asked for. It always amazes us that we haven't finished our development cycle yet, but with the constant changes in technology and different ways of doing things, it seems that the development is never complete.

Our ideal customer would be a small to medium independent hotel, guest house or pub. We have found that even caravan sites are using our booking software, as basically, all the functionality that is needed can be catered for by the hotel booking system.

The only thing we don't do yet is the linking between the likes of and If you are looking for a system that can handle those bookings then we would be happy to recommend a system to you.

If you have any questions on our prices and what you get then I would refer you to:

The page above also describes a typical purchase example and breaks the cost down for the first and subsequent years.

For further information, please visit:

Monday, 30 August 2010

Why Is Hotel Reservation Software Needed?

In the past, before the Internet era, bookings came in via phone, fax or by snail mail. Nowadays bookings can come from all over the place from normal offline areas like phone, fax, but also now by email, internet booking sites and from websites such as or Expedia. How do you keep up with this rush of information?

The Answer

Hotel reservation software is the answer to managing all of these booking sources quickly and with ease. When a potential customer phones your hotel and asks for availability on particular dates, can you answer them within seconds? When a potential customer views your website, can they check room availability and book online? Like it or not, to stay competitive, hotels need booking systems which can offer real time availability and minimum fuss in making a booking as it's all about time these days. If a customer can't get an answer or find availability on your website, they will go elsewhere to make a booking.

What else can Booking Software do?

From making a booking to creating invoices (Email/MS Word/Open Office) to checking in your guests, to booking information, customer payments reports, guest arrivals reports. Hotel software manages your business and provides reports as and when needed from the system. There is too much information to manage your business by book alone, especially when you have internet bookings as well. The hotel booking system will manage both your online and offline booking sources from one place. Perfect!

For further information on hotel software and online hotel reservation software to improve your sales, please visit

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Online and Offline Room Booking Software

I wanted to update everyone on our newest version of the hotel booking system. Our latest version is version 2.6. It is now possible to take on-line bookings as well as off-line bookings.

The new on-line bookings system works as follows:

1. Download our new In-house booking system to your computer.
2. Sign-up for the internet booking service. We will respond by providing details such as your booking page for which you will want to link to from your own website in order for your customers to book on-line.
3. Bookings made off-line will be synchronised to the internet and on-line bookings will download into the In-house booking system.
4. Bookings made on-line will download straight into the In-house system. No manual entry required.

Other hotel owners use and as an additional means to get bookings. This will require manual entry into a booking system. If you can get most, if not all people booking through our online booking service then you will save time as no manual entry of
bookings is required. Also, your customers can be assured that their room booking won't be liable to any changes such as caused by double booking.

For more information, please visit our website at:

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Hotel Booking System 2.5

Hi All,

As of this week (03-Nov-2008) I'm pleased to announce that the new version of the hotel booking system has been released. The current version is now 2.5. It's been about 1 year 8 months since the last update, but this version incorporates loads more functionality such as booking information, maintenance schedule and sending invoices to Microsoft Outlook. Easily find out what your rooms are making in rent. An improved layout should make booking even easier than before.
It is now also possible to completely customise your invoices. The invoices for reference are: Request deposit, Deposit thanks and Final invoice.
A system like this seems to have so many names. Our system manages rooms, stops double booking, allows you to enter venue details such as your restaurant for booking. Invoice creation and reports to display accounts, guest arrivals, who is current checked in, room cleaning etc...
The system on offer is called a hotel booking system, but can also be known as hotel reservation software, hotel management software, room booking system.
If you are looking for a system which has a customer base worldwide and provides excellent value for money (From only £110) then choose

For more information about the system on offer please visit our website:

Monday, 7 July 2008

Current Software Version 2.4

The hotel software has been through a number of iterations and has received quite a bit of customer feedback. The basic functionality of this version includes:

1. Creating bookings
2. Creating venue booking, such as restaurant table booking
3. Booking extras
4. Create customer invoices
5. Create and print a number of management reports

The software provides good value for money at £110. Email based support is even included for one year at no extra charge.