Monday, 30 August 2010

Why Is Hotel Reservation Software Needed?

In the past, before the Internet era, bookings came in via phone, fax or by snail mail. Nowadays bookings can come from all over the place from normal offline areas like phone, fax, but also now by email, internet booking sites and from websites such as or Expedia. How do you keep up with this rush of information?

The Answer

Hotel reservation software is the answer to managing all of these booking sources quickly and with ease. When a potential customer phones your hotel and asks for availability on particular dates, can you answer them within seconds? When a potential customer views your website, can they check room availability and book online? Like it or not, to stay competitive, hotels need booking systems which can offer real time availability and minimum fuss in making a booking as it's all about time these days. If a customer can't get an answer or find availability on your website, they will go elsewhere to make a booking.

What else can Booking Software do?

From making a booking to creating invoices (Email/MS Word/Open Office) to checking in your guests, to booking information, customer payments reports, guest arrivals reports. Hotel software manages your business and provides reports as and when needed from the system. There is too much information to manage your business by book alone, especially when you have internet bookings as well. The hotel booking system will manage both your online and offline booking sources from one place. Perfect!

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