Thursday, 27 May 2010

Online and Offline Room Booking Software

I wanted to update everyone on our newest version of the hotel booking system. Our latest version is version 2.6. It is now possible to take on-line bookings as well as off-line bookings.

The new on-line bookings system works as follows:

1. Download our new In-house booking system to your computer.
2. Sign-up for the internet booking service. We will respond by providing details such as your booking page for which you will want to link to from your own website in order for your customers to book on-line.
3. Bookings made off-line will be synchronised to the internet and on-line bookings will download into the In-house booking system.
4. Bookings made on-line will download straight into the In-house system. No manual entry required.

Other hotel owners use and as an additional means to get bookings. This will require manual entry into a booking system. If you can get most, if not all people booking through our online booking service then you will save time as no manual entry of
bookings is required. Also, your customers can be assured that their room booking won't be liable to any changes such as caused by double booking.

For more information, please visit our website at: